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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Still No Finish for 2007... :-(

I was hoping to have my Dragon Dreams ornament finished today... no such luck as I haven't stitched any since Thursday and I'm beginning to feel the strain of it all... Does anyone else get a wee bit ill if they go too long without stitching? LOL

I've been busy trying to get my blog sorted out and looking for blinkies... and I'm telling ya, it's like wading through a jungle out there... I can't seem to find any of the really cool one's I've seen on other blogs... or if I do find some I like... I can't use them as the folks will not let you right click and save... Oh well... I think I've made a good start... I like it so far anyway! :-) Now to just get some stitching photo's uploaded... I still need to work on a WIP list... I don't know where to find those progress bar thingies tho'... :-( And there are a few other lists and such I would like to add on the sidebar.

I can't believe tomorrow is Sunday and my weekend is almost gone... It's my weekend off and the three days go by so fast when you're busy... Actually, they go by too fast whether you're busy or not! And next week is my long week at work, so I know I won't get much done in the way of my blog... I will have time to stitch at work, so that's a plus! :-) I also planned to catch up with some posting on some of my stitching groups this weekend... Ha! No such luck thus far! Between catching up on housework and starting this blog and sorting my webshots photos, I've had precious little time for anything else!

Tomorrow will be a stitchy day... and hopefully I will finally produce a finish for 2007... I'm looking forward to my Happy Snoopy Dance! Until such time... here is another progress photo for Dragon Dreams... Santa's Unexpected Gift... I just love this one! :-)

Oh, and here's another piccy of a WIP ornament I started this month... Actually it is the second time I've stitched this one... The first one I stitched for the JCS Ornament SAL last year in one of my stitching groups, Stitchers Time Out and gave it to a friend for Christmas... This time I'm stitching one for myself... It's so pretty and delicate... I'm stitching it on Vintage Autumn Blush Cashel Linen with GAST and WDW threads...

So, until next time... Happy Stitching ... :-)

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