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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Stash Faery... and other meanderings...

Still no progress piccy on *New Snow*... I have stitched a bit on it... the big tree in the background is done and part of the wee background village... just have not had a chance to scan it yet... It's my long weekend at work... so I have been tired... Hopefully, I'll have time to scan it tomorrow night... if not then I'll surely get to it when I'm off on Monday... :-)
Oh, Joy, Rapture... The Stash Faery left me some lovely new stash in the post on Thursday... so I thought I'd share... ;-) Whenever I'm feeling really blue, I tend to go on a stash buying binge... which come to think of it... I've done quite a lot of that of late... lol Now, I really must get a digital camera sometime soon... It would make life soooo much easier, then I could just arange everything in a nice lovely *still* and snap a shot and Voila! Oh, well...

Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler by Needleprint

The Old West by Little House Needleworks

Winter Wonderland by Little House Needleworks

Valentine Row by Bent Creek

My Valentine by Blackbird Designs

Prancer by The Knotted Tree

Dasher by The Knotted Tree

The Monkey Sampler by Midsummer Night Designs

Winter Sampler by Waxing Moon Designs

Winter Kisses by Imaginating

I also got the threads for The Old West by LHN, Winter Wonderland by LHN, Valentine Row by BC, My Valentine by BBD and The Monkey Sampler by Midsummer Night Designs. I haven't decided what fabric I'll use for The Old West... the pattern suggests Vintage Examplar by Lakeside Linens and I don't have any and Drema did not have any in stock... I have quite a bit of Vintage Country Mocha which is quite similar to Vintage Examplar... So, I may just use that... Or I may just wait and order some... it would be a good excuse to order a fat half... as I have been wanting some Lakeside Linen in that colour for a while now... lol

I would also love to start either My Valentine or Valentine Row... I think I'll stitch them both on Vintage Autumn Blush as I have quite a bit of it on hand and Drema says it will look great on that fabby... However, I already have a couple of projects on the go and yes, I know I am weird, but I'm a stitch one project at the time kinda gal... lol Yes, yes... I hear your gasps of horror as you read this... sigh.... {I'll go and sit in the corner in a little while as penance} However, I have tried the rotation theory and it just doesn't seem to work for me... I always end up stitching on one project until I finish it. Of course, there are a few exceptions... I will stop working on something long enough to stitch the monthly ornament for my stitching group or if I've got an exchange due, or a last minute gift to stitch... But most of the time, I just work on one project at the time...

Oh, yes... The Monkey Sampler... I got that one to stitch for my daugher as she loves monkeys... and the saying on it is so cute... *Monkeys steal my underwear at night*... lol Yes, I think it's hilarious and it will make her laugh! I'm going to stitch it on Picture This Plus Moonglow Linen... It's going to look lovely! :-) I've also got House By the Sea by Midsummer Night Designs in my stash... I'm going to stitch it on Moonglow as well... Hopefully, I will get to that one sometime soon... It's going to be lovely, and I'd love to have it finished by the summer! :-)

Ah well... decisions, decisions... I'll just have to ponder it all for a while... and in the meantime... I'll be sitting in the corner stitching on *New Snow*... lol

Thanks for visiting and leaving such lovely comments... your kind and thoughtful words brighten my days... and I could sure use a wee bit of sunshine and laughter in my life just now... :-)

Until next time... Love in Stitches...


Lana said...

Oh my goodness! I'll say the stash faery visited you! yOu lucky girl! Did you send her down this way when he left? I hope so! =) I love your new stash, beautiful! i love the monkey sampler! The colors are so vibrant!

Cheryl said...

Look at all that stash!! You lucky thing! I love LHN designs

Karen said...

you got some lovely stash I like the Winter Kisses by Imaginating
I will have to be adding that to my wish list I think LOL , I have the LHN design it's sitting there waiting for me to decide what I want to stitch next ;o)

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